Main Agenda

All meetings are 9:00 to 12:30 in Buchanan D324.

Monday July 9th Aesthetic Hedonism and Its Critics

Mothersill, Beauty Restored, ch. 11
Matthen, “New Prospects for Aesthetic Hedonism”
Wollheim, “Public Support for the Arts”

Welcome Reception

Tuesday, July 10th

Levinson, “Hume’s Standard of Taste: The Real Problem”
Shelley, “Hume and the Value of the Beautiful”
Lopes, “From Feeling Well to Being Well”

Wednesday, July 11th

Silvers, “Aesthetic ‘Akrasia’: On Disliking Good Art”
Cross, “Art Criticism as Practical Reasoning”
McGonigal, “Aesthetic Reasons,” pp. 3–17, especially. 3–6 and 10–17

Thursday July 12th
Lead: Keren Gorodeiski

Moran, “Kant, Proust, and the Appeal of Beauty”

Monday, July 16th Beauty and Transcendence

Abhinavagupta, The New Dramatic Art, 1.272–80 (see chapter 4, section 2 of Pollock, The Rasa Reader)

Tuesday, July 17th Beauty to Autonomy
Lead: Samantha Matherne and Nick Riggle

Schiller, Letters on Aesthetic Education, selections 1-4, 8–9, 12, 14–15, 21, 23–5

Wednesday, July 18th Beauty and Virtue
Lead: James Shelley

Murdoch, “The Sovereignty of the Good over Other Concepts”
Goldie, “Virtues of Art and Human Well-Being”

Thursday, July 19th Beauty and Value

Wolf, “Good for Nothings”
Levinson, “Intrinsic Value and the Notion of a Life”

Tuesday, July 24th Aesthetic Personality

Ribeiro, “Aesthetic Luck”
Kubala, “Grounding Aesthetic Obligations”
Dialogue: Nick and Samantha

Wednesday, July 25th Beauty and Happiness
Leads: Anthony Cross and Sarah Hegenbart

Nehamas, Only a Promise of Happiness, chs 3 and 4

Thursday, July 26th Debunking Beauty
Lead: Jonathan Weinberg

Emerson, “Beauty” and “Nature”
Davies, The Artful Species, ch. 6

Closing Dinner

Friday, July 27th Wrap Up