How to Apply

Submissions open on October 1, 2017 and close on the deadline of January 14, 2018.


Selected participants will either be engaged in research that will benefit in demonstrable ways from the seminar or they will propose to develop course materials that fit seminar themes to fill demonstrable gaps in the curriculum.

Participants are required to attend all seminar sessions and to engage fully in the work of the seminar. During the tenure of the seminar participants may not undertake other professional duties that will interfere with their participation in the seminar.

In selecting participants, priority will be given to members of groups that are underrepresented in philosophy. Priority will also be given to junior faculty, contract faculty, and faculty at teaching-oriented institutions in North America. Senior applicants will be selected with an eye to what they are likely to contribute to the development of their junior colleagues. All applicants will be considered without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status. The seminar complies with all legal requirements for access for the disabled. Anyone in need of special arrangements should contact the director at their earliest opportunity after selection for the seminar.

A doctorate is required by the application deadline: postdoctoral fellows are eligible, but not graduate students.

Membership in the American Society for Aesthetics is required at the time of application for philosophers specialized in aesthetics (i.e. anyone publishing or teaching in the field). For all others, ASA membership will be required at the time of accepting a seat in the seminar, no later than March 1.

Selections will be made by a committee of the ASA comprising the seminar director and two others appointed by the President of the ASA. The selection committee will review applications and select participants on the basis of: (1) the applicant’s demonstrated capacity to make a contribution to and to benefit from the seminar, (2) the conception and organization of the applicant’s proposed project in relation to the seminar topic, and (3) the potential value of that project to other members of the seminar and to the wider academic community. The deliberations of the committee are confidential and its decisions are final.

Application Materials

A complete application requires:

  1. the application cover form
  2. a statement of interest not exceeding two single-spaced pages,
  3. a curriculum vitae, and
  4. two letters of reference.

Items (1) to (3) must be combined into a single PDF and sent to Letters of reference must be sent to the same address under separate cover. The deadline for applications is January 14, 2018.

Use your statement to covey what you have to offer the seminar and how you expect to gain from it. The statement should give your reasons for applying to the seminar, document your capacity to contribute to the seminar, outline how you plan to benefit from the seminar, and situate your seminar project with respect to your immediate and long-range objectives as a scholar. Be sure to detail your proposed research or teaching project, providing a concrete plan of work and a statement of expected impact. If your proposed project is part of a long-term undertaking, describe the present state of the larger undertaking and how the summer project fits in. Also be sure, when drafting your statement, to take careful account of all the material provided about the seminar on this web site.